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Single Tooth Dental Implant

IQ Dental and Implant Centre provide premium brand dental implants for all fixed teeth solutions. We can provide tooth in a day, teeth in a day for example all on four or implant overdentures depending on your specific needs. 

Single Tooth Dental Implant

A dental implant is an ideal replacement for a missing tooth. If you have a tooth missing or need a tooth removed then the best solution dentistry can currently offer is dental implants.  The dental implant requires sufficient bone quality and quantity for it to be successful, and current evidence shows up to 97% success rates over a period of 17 years. To put this in perspective most general dental procedures have a success rate of approximately 85%. These figures assume that all the necessary standards and due diligence is followed when the procedures are done. 

The clinical procedure required to place a dental implant requires a strict protocol to ensure that the success rates are achievable. All dental patients will be required to undergo an extensive examination to see if they are suitable for the implant procedure which will include a comprehensive medical and dental history, a full dental examination to exclude any other dental and oral pathology and radiographic examination to determine the quality and quantity of the bone, this will take the form of a dental x-ray as well as a dental CT scan. 

On completion of the diagnostic phase and acceptance of the treatment proposal, where all the the treatment options are discussed and agreed, including the risks and benefits, additional procedures such as bone gaining procedures if necessary and total costs. A comprehensive treatment plan and consent document will be presented for review and signature.

The surgical phase is done under local anaesthesia and can be supplemented with the use of conscious sedation. During this phase all measures are taken to achieve asepsis and therefore the whole procedure is done under strict surgical protocols, which will resemble a surgical theatre. Before, during and after the procedure various important medications will be supplied to prevent infections, swelling and discomfort, these will be in the form of an appropriate antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and painkiller. After the procedure a post operative pack which includes medication and mouthwash to perform post operative hygiene and care and also includes post operative instructions.

Multiple teeth implant video

Single Tooth Implant replacement

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Implant and crown done by Antonio de Vivo

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