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Bone gaining techniques

IQ Dental and Implant Centre provide premium brand dental implants for all fixed teeth solutions. Some individuals may need additional procedures to enhance the bone volume and the appropriate bone gaining technique will be employed to achieve this. these techniques include guded bone regeneration or GBR to sinus lifts and autogenous black grafts. 

Bone gaining techniques

Bone volume is one of the key factors required to achieve a successful implant result. In certain circumstances there may not be sufficient bone to place the implant and bone gaining techniques are employed to increase and enhance both the bone volume and the quality. the techniques used range from guided bone regeneration to sinus lifts to autogenous block grafts.

GBR - Guided bone regeneration is the use of bone substitute material and membranes to create a platform for the body to grow new bone. The bone substitute material is either animal derived such as Bioss or mineral such as Ethoss.


Sinus lifts - Sinus cavities can extend considerably and result in bone height deficiencies, however they also offer a unique opportunity to gain bone by lifting the membrane lining the sinus. This presents with a specific response and that is bone grows in the resulting blood clot formed by the lifting process. the lifting technique can be either a crestal approach or a lateral window approach. In the crestal approach the lining is lifted through the implant hole created. The lateral window approach requires a bigger access to the sinus by creating an opening on the side of the sinus and the lining is lifted that way, this is usually reserved for severe bone deficiencies.

Autogenous block graft - Autogenous block grafts are harvested from the patient and are transposed to the needed site where they are fixed in place using bone screws. The bone will act as a scaffold for the body to produce new bone in the site.

Bone gaining procedures

Bone gaining techniques

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Implant and crown done by Antonio de Vivo

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